Download Latest Version Of BeatSync - Hot Videos Easy & Quick

 Download  BeatSync - Hot Videos Easy & Quick

BeatSync Effect, Now, with your own music! Select any music that you like, BeatSync will automatically provide you with the hot video effects on the perfect timing. Want to change the default music to your favorite one and the video effects are still in sync with the music? No problem! Our Beat Detection Algorithm will detect the perfect beat positions of your music, so the video effects could precisely match the beats.

The Fastest and Easiest way to make your own Hot Trendy Videos! All you have to do is just pick a bunch of photos from your gallery and select a template. Voila! Your amazing video is ready to be shared with your friends and to the world.
Moreover, you can send your video as a project file to the KineMaster, the World's Most powerful & easiest video editor, for more serious editing.

  • 18 languages supported (English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese)
  • Project sharing to KineMaster will be available only for KineMaster v.4.12.3 or later.
  • The previews might be unstable on low-tier devices, but the exported videos will look fine.

The Fastest and Easiest way to set up a KineMaster project! Project share from BeatSync app to KineMaster app means that you will be able to create a sophisticated video editing project in less than a minute. All the selected photos in BeatSync will be there in the primary timeline of the KineMaster as well as the transitions and the clip effects will be displayed in the KineMaster editing screen as a project, which means that everything is ready to be edited in the KineMaster automatically. You can change any transition or clip effects that have been created in BeatSync. 

Download App: Enjoy the full editing strength of KineMaster. You can add multiple video layers, and use reverse mode, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma key, speed control, transitions, subtitles, special effects, and so much more into your video in KineMaster!

Key Features

  • Select your photos and make your own Hot Trendy Music Videos.
  • You can select any music that you like and the video effects precisely match the beats automatically.
  • Send your video as a project file to the KineMaster video editing app
  • You can add as many photos as you want up to 30.
  • You can make an order of the selected photos.
  • You can cancel the selected photos at once.
  • Various video effects and transitions (All included in KineMaster)
  • Hot and trendy music tracks (All included in KineMaster)
  • No need to edit anything, just select photos and a template
  • Seek bar is ready for a comfortable preview
  • Save your video in your local storage
  • Share your video to your favourite SNS such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

Download BeatSync now, and become a world coolest video maker!mAre you a KineMaster user? Do not miss this chance to utilize the way to set up a sophisticated KineMaster project, easy and quick. Tablets are not supported.

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