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View images, videos, audios, apps and documents. Browse everything in your phoneThis application include music player, video player and apps browser etc.The app is simple and intuitive with very less storage space occupying. But the design I did not like it, all the photos been messed up together and there is no folder name nor the photos names been displayed. it becomes very hectic for the user to sort among those tons of photos... uninstalled it, immediately!


1 - Quick view of any browsable file
2 - Play music
3 - Read your books quickly
4 - Install apps whenever you want quickly
5 - Search all files
6 - Double click functionality on files

This app help you to interact with your mobile whenever you want with double click and quick access functionalities. Very simple to view images, videos, install apps, read books and play musics. You will like simplicity and speed of this application. Best alternative of many apps.

Download App: Lightweight, simple, reliable, no glitches, Android app full interaction, ads-free, fast, user-friendly, and... free! Five thumbs straight up. Highly reccommended, mostly for older devices, suffering from little storage - though a few tricky tweaks would render a few additional functionalities, with no added file size. I already rewrote mine and saved 16kb. Developer speaking. Congrats to the team.

Its the ONE application that will show every single file type, on my phone. But, there is no security snd does not list them in Catagories or folders. i can not list for 5 Stars... csuse it could it be MUCH better. Build a slightly better u.i, with 3types of security.. and I'd download and keep immediately.

I love it but it still needs some improvements, I wish we could see the file names of the videos, both in the player and in the list, and if we could change the sorting of the files. And it should also recognize photo and video folders as albums

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