Download Latest Version Of LingoTube - Language learning with streaming video

Download LingoTube - Language learning with streaming video

 LingoTube is a dual subtitle (caption) player for English, Spanish, Korean (K-pop) and other language learning! You can surf and enjoy all the features of the most famous streaming site. LingoTube adds many features to the site for language learning. You can also play video files with subtitle files. (Supports SRT, SMI)

LingoTube is an app that helps you learn languages using videos that already have subtitles. Please check if videos have subtitles that you want to watch. If you leave here the urls or links of videos that do not display subtitles, we will look into it. Thank you for using LingoTube.

  •  It provides catalogues for learners. (English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese)
  • Based on your level, you can choose subtitle mode.(foreign language / native language / all languages)
  • It changes subtitle mode automatically during play and pause.
  • You can control playback speed.
  • It supports AB repeat and practice mode. (Listen-> Speak-> Listen)
  • It provides Google translated subtitles.
  • You can use dictionaries and translations (require third-party apps)
  • You can edit, bookmark and share subtitles.
  • You can merge subtitles into complete sentences. it is effective for TED videos.
  • When paused, it rewinds to the start of the current subtitle.

Download App: Very nice App but Please add French and Arabic in a foreign language I mean why for example when i choose French as a foreign language I didn't get the content in French like other languages such as English Spanish and Japanese in Home section? And yes there's a lot of videos in French on YouTube that have many human subtitles already and the same thing for Arabic language i can send you some links for those just put your email.

Thank admin!!! But your suggestion does not work. Because I need to download a video with my local subtitle. When i download with Tubemate or videmate app, down loaded videos support only English subtitle. So I want to be download in your lingo tube app. If you can be, please add download faction in your 

I would like to see the app use a built-in dictionary in the future instead of having to rely on other dictionary apps/google search. A simple popup like how yomichan works would be great. Otherwise it's a great app.

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