Download Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos

Best App To Hide Photos ANd Videos

Download Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos

 Use the best calculator photo vault to hide photos, hide pictures, hide videos.Calculator Photo Vault is the Vault app can secretly Hide Photos, Hide Videos and other files without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just a beautiful calculator, and works very well. Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered on calculator panel of this app.

Top Features:

Vault: Through the AES encryption algorithm, encrypt the content that you do not want to share with others, and the file format, size without any restrictions, but also support taking pictures and recording videos. Browser: An inbuilt private browser for your safe browsing of private websites and downloading of photos from web and lock instantly inside photo vault and leaves no tracks in your system.

Shake Close: Shake the phone can quickly close the app, so that everything in your control.ntruder Selfie: Automatically takes Intruder selfie when someone tries to break in your privacy by entering the wrong password. Fake Vault: Create a Fake vault with a different password for storing fake photos and videos. Fingerprint Unlock: To provide you with a faster, more secure way to unlock.

Download App:Colorful Theme: A variety of fashionable colors, any match, to create your exclusive theme. Calculator: Offers all the regular and scientific calculator functions in a simple, stylish and easy to use. Enter your password and press '=' button to open. What can I do if I forgot my password? In case you forget your password, simply enter a number '11223344' into Calculator and press '=' button, then retrieve your password by entering answer of your security question.

How to restore encrypted file Long press on the encrypted file will enter the edit mode, you can restore it by using the restore button in the action bar. Are my hidden files stored online?
Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sure to backup all your hidden files before transferring to new device or factory reset.

 Does everything exactly as it should be done. Very reasonable subscription fees and purchase price, unlike similar apps, which claim to be the best and charge extortionate amounts of money to purchase them! Definitely worth 5 stars! Great work!  only store some photos from my phone's gallery in it, so that it's not cluttered. Perfect for my needs.

Should have the option to store files,images and videos in SD card,that means,there should be an option for a root directory in SD card. 2)There should be an option to open PDFs from the app itself. 3)the app should have the option to check size of multiple files selected. That's why i have given 3 stars,the biggest reason is There is no Way to open PDFs in app itself. If all 3 improves i will give 5 stars. I hope you pay attention to my feedback and work on the Needed things :)

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