Download Latest Version Of DM Me - All your Chats in One App

Download  DM Me - All your Chats in One App

 Choose your favorite messaging apps, tapping a contact will open your chat in your favorite app that you both use. View all your conversations in one app! DM Me aims to bring all your messaging apps into one, so you won't have to worry about which messaging app to use ever again.

In recent times, it seems like each friend or family member is using a different messaging app This causes a headache when you want to send a message to your friends DM Me solves this problem by making it completely effortless to send messages to your friends once again. 

DMMe will automatically open your conversation in an app you both use, all it takes is just one tap. In addition, you no longer have to check each app for messages individually, all your messages are waiting for you in DMMe.

You just need to specify what messaging apps you use and which are your favorites. Then, just pick the contact you want to text, and DM Me will automatically open your conversation with the contact on your favorite messaging app that you both use.

Features include:
  • Download App: Quickly jump into chat by tapping a contact
  • Set custom order for each contact
  • Star favorite contacts to keep them at the top of the list
  • Automatically sort contacts you talk to the most Get notifications from all your messaging apps in DMMe

Downloaded the app based on an article on ynet and was really disappointed to see that it does not really connect people between different apps but only allows to choose which app I prefer to use with each is contact - basically not a real solution but just a switchboard. Also, it would be great if it will be easier to access your privecy policy before I am asked to provide the app with full access to my personal information, cause that's just being a part of the problem.

The app works very fast and very convinient. Thank you very much, Toda Raba. My only problem that it works only with WhatsApp, Signal and SMS. The Telegram and other apps don't yet appear in my case. P.S. After receiving the developer's answer I changed Telegram X to standard Telegram and DM ME app works with it perfectly. So I added additional star to my revie

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