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 screenshot Quick Free is the most simple , smallest and fastest screenshot taking app. Very small size. It is optimized for high performance especially to take screenshots while playing games or watching videos. Works without internet. Both Phones and Tablets are supported.

Fundamental features:

• Screenshots using overlay button. (Single/Double Tap)
(Click on 'Gear' icon in Notification OR open 'Capture Settings' in app's menu to turn on "Double tap overlay")
• Screenshots using the key shortcut.
• Screenshots using notification button.
• Screenshot / Shakeshot by just shaking your device.
• Crop instantly in easiest way possible.
• View your taken screenshot instantly in the preview. (Pinch to Zoom-in/Zoom-out)
• Share the screenshot instantly after taking it.
• Change screenshots saving location(Folder). (Click on 'Gear' icon in Notification OR open 'Capture Settings' in app's menu to change Folder)

Special features:

• Take the rapid burst of screenshots when screenshot preview is off. You can turn the preview on whenever you want.
• Customize overlay button however you like it from the settings.
• Screenshot Quick Free has its own gallery of taken screenshots for you: view, crop, share and delete wherever and whenever you like.
• Choose JPEG or PNG format.
• Choose the screenshot quality to your desire from six different levels in both JPEG and PNG formats.

Powerful features:

• Optimized for minimum/least battery usage.
• No annoying full-screen ads for better user experience.
• Tap once on notification to view and share the previously taken screenshots.
• Change settings (Screenshot preview, Overlay button and it's size, Double tap, Shake shot sensitivity, Screenshot folder, Haptic feedback) from notification without even opening an app.


• Screenshot Quick Free works in both Rooted and Non-Rooted devices.
• App will need access to screen-capture and storage permissions to capture screenshot and save screenshots respectively.
• Some apps such as banking or payment apps will not allow to capture screen, in that case app will display blank screenshot.

Download App: Someone here tried to fix something that's not broken. Neb using this app for years and yet today my home button became Google assistant's assistant had to spend some minutes figuring out how yup get this app into full use again. Glad it worked out but have to rate this app to where it belongs.. Sorry but you wasted some of my precious time getting this app

If this gave me options on what to do after the screenshot this would be a five-star all the way. A lot easier than pressing two buttons together. But it does suck to have to always hit the save button after a screenshot. Please fix his and then I will leave a 5-star no problem.

I originally got this app because the power button on my phone stopped working, but the app was so great that I still have it downloaded on my new phone. I love the fact that you can crop and send screenshots immediately, without downloading them. Saves so much time deleting old useless screen shots. It's a great app overall, only complaint is that for some reason if you try to take multiple screen shots in succession, often the app will stop working for 30 seconds or so.

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