Be Careful About Pandemic Diseases

It is the responsibility of believers to follow the precautions and rules provided by the government to overcome the Kovid crisis.  The command of the Holy Qur'an is not to rush to destruction (2: 195).  The believer must always act with caution.  We must be extremely careful at this time when the second phase of the Kovid epidemic is becoming more and more challenging.  Accurate safety standards should be followed in homes, offices and travel.  Decisions made by governors for the public safety of society are based on the opinions of experts in various fields.  The general style of believers is to pursue such decisions for the common good, even if one feels that they are probably wrong.
Do not act according to personal interests in public places and so on.  Once the general rules come into force, personal right and wrong should not be spread.

 Islam has the option of living as a believer in any crisis.  In the stages of purification with water, water, or soil, and other resources that are available if it is not available ... Thus, in every crisis, there are conditions in Islam for the believer to live and perform rituals.  It is also the beauty of Islam


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