Electro-mechanical technicians test and operate machines in factories and other worksites. They also analyze and record test results, and prepare written documentation to describe the tests they performed and what the test results were.

Electro-mechanical technicians install, maintain, and repair automated machinery and computer-controlled mechanical systems in industrial settings. This kind of work requires knowledge and training in the application of photonics, the science of light. The technological aspects of the work have to do with the generation, control, and detection of the light waves so that the automated processes can proceed as designed by the engineers.

Job Discription

Electro-mechanical technicians also test, operate, or maintain robotic equipment at worksites. This equipment may include unmanned submarines, aircraft, or similar types of equipment for uses that include oil drilling, deep-ocean exploration, or hazardous-waste removal. These technicians also work on energy projects involving solar power and wind.

Electro-mechanical technicians work closely with electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. They work in many industrial environments, including energy, plastics, computer and communications equipment manufacturing, and aerospace. They often work both at production sites and in offices.

Available Vacancies

Because their job involves manual work with many machines and types of equipment, electro-mechanical technicians are sometimes exposed to hazards from equipment or toxic materials. However, incidents are rare as long as they follow proper safety procedures.

  • Planning Eng - MEP- 6-8 Yrs Exp
  • Estimation Engg- MEP6-8 Yrs Exp
  • Site Incharge -10-12 Exp-HVAC
  • Maint Engg- 6-8 Yrs Exp- HVAC
  • HVAC Engg -5 Yrs Exp- HVAC
  • Plumbing Engg- 5 Yrs Exp
  • QS- MEP- 6-8 Yrs Exp
  • MEP Coordinator - 6-8 Yrs Exp
  • HVAC Draughtsman-4 Yrs Exp
  • Plumbing Draughtsman- 4 Yrs Exp
  • Maint. Sup - 4 Yrs exp- HVAC
  • Plumbing Foreman -6 Yrs Exp
  • HVAC Mechanical Technicians
  • HVAC  Electrical Technicians

Electro-mechanical technicians typically do the following:

  • Read blueprints, schematics, and diagrams to determine the method and sequence of assembly of a part, machine, or piece of equipment
  • Verify dimensions of parts, using precision measuring instruments, to ensure that specifications are met
  • Operate metalworking machines to make housings, fittings, and fixtures
  • Inspect parts for surface defects
  • Repair and calibrate hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies
  • Test the performance of electro-mechanical assemblies, using test instruments
  • Install electronic parts and hardware, using soldering equipment and hand tools
  • Operate, test, or maintain robotic equipment

How To Apply

f you love high profile and challenging projects supporting the US Navy- Serco has a great opportunity for you to begin or advance your career supporting complex electro-mechanical systems for the U.S. Navy! The Mechanical Engineer – Entry Level position is an important part of a fast-paced government-industry team located in Arlington, Virginia. 

Provide your engineering expertise to Navy surface ship missile launcher acquisition while building your professional background and technical capability in support of the world’s greatest Navy.

Serco provides technical support to its customer, a defense acquisition program management office which is responsible for the development, acquisition, production, fielding, and lifetime support of critical surface ship launcher systems.

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