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A supermarket assistant replenishes stock on supermarket shelves and helps customers find items they are looking for. Job titles vary between employers, from customer assistants to department colleague.

When you reach for a jar of bottled spaghetti sauce, you have to decide between brands -- and between the flavor selections within each brand. The cake mix section now includes mixes for bars, brownies, cookies, tortes, nut breads, and muffins. Instead of a couple of brands of peanut butter and a few types of jelly, you have jams and preserves in an assortment of flavors and degrees of sugar. And you can choose peanut butter that's crunchy or smooth, reduced fat, swirled with another flavor, or natural-style.

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There are all sorts of choices in the bread aisle, too. "Light" bread, white bread, white bread with added fiber and nutrients, whole-wheat bread that looks white, whole-wheat bread that looks brown, multi-grain bread, French bread, gourmet bread -- you can even find the whole-wheat hot dog and hamburger buns.

  • Supermarket Store Manager
  • Accounts cum Admin Assistant
  • Delivery Assistant
  • Cashier
  • Barista


  • You will work in a supermarket, either in one department, or the whole store.
  • You will probably work shifts including nights and weekends.
  • Part time work is common.
  • You may have to carry heavy items and pull pallets along from the stock room.
  • You might spend time in cold areas, such as walk-in fridges and freezers.
  • You would usually wear a uniform, which your employer will provide

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At a first glance, the store seemed like any small supermarket in London. But a look at the ceiling quickly revealed the difference: cameras and motion sensors were pointing in every direction, monitoring every inch of the store.

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Every item I placed in my fluorescent green Amazon Fresh bag automatically got added to a virtual cart. I couldn't help but glance at the cameras while picking items off the shelf, half expecting them to move along with my every move, like in a 1990s sci-fi movie. But they remained in place.

The store uses a combination of computer vision, depth sensors and machine learning to register exactly which item shoppers take off the shelf. The technology was pioneered by Amazon Go stores in the United States, which first opened in 2018.


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