Job Vacancy In Leading Courier Company Of UAE

Job Vacancy In Leading Courier Company Of UAE

 Couriers deliver and pick up items such as medical specimens and legal paperwork. They may drive vans, or in cities such as New York City, even use bicycles. There are also air couriers who accompany cargo. In general, couriers must confirm that specific people have received the goods, and couriers also record any responses. They take care with hazardous or fragile goods and often plan their routes to maximize time and efficiency.

A courier job description should explain the mode of transportation the courier will use and whether the job is freelance. It should also list soft skills such as punctuality, reliability and good communication. Bicycle couriers should also meet certain physical fitness standards.

Available Vacancies

Experience and familiarity with GPS are two other things that employers often like to see in prospective couriers. The courier job description below should give you more insight into what goes in a great job ad. Do you love the sights, sounds, and smells of Manhattan? As a courier for our large midtown law firm, you’ll constantly be on your bicycle. 

  • Delivery Man

  • Salary 2000 + Commision + Accommodation

Job Responsibilities
  • Retrieve and pick up important legal documents from various attorneys at the law firm in midtown Manhattan; deliver them to other law firms, various businesses and individual apartments, and do some pickups elsewhere
  • Ride a bicycle in all types of weather, including but not limited to rain, cold, heat and light snow; Take appropriate safety precautions
  • Use buses and subways if bike transportation is not appropriate or if weather is bad
  • Plan routes to save time and efficiency using intimate knowledge of the city as well as GPS apps on a cellphone; also, in some cases, call or email recipients to verify they will be at the destination


1. Holders of visiting visas
2. Those who do not want to go home if the visa expires
3.Those below 3.40 years of age
4. Manual UAE License Needed

How To Apply

We provide safety training, the bikes, a cellphone and all gear, and you offer independence, good judgment, a thorough knowledge of the city, and lots of patience and perseverance. This job naturally provides plenty of exercise, and you’ll receive steady and predictable pay as an employee. 

0529459277 (Don't call, only WhatsApp)

You play an important role in the firm because you ensure that critical legal documents are delivered (and returned, if necessary) in a timely manner. Help us continue a tradition of unity and Big Apple love going on 100 years.

Job Vacancy In Leading Courier Company Of UAE


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