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Bus drivers are responsible for transporting people safely from one place to another on a bus, usually along predetermined routes. There are different types of bus drivers. School bus drivers bring students to and from school and school-related activities. Local transit bus drivers follow specific schedules to get people where they need to go along a certain route. 

Intercity bus drivers transport people between different cities or towns. Charter bus drivers usually bring people on chartered trips and tours. Additional duties vary somewhat among different types of bus drivers and employers. For example, some bus drivers may be responsible for collecting fares, handling customer luggage, or keeping track of passengers.

Job Details

  • Name of the Position- Qatar Light & Bus Drivers
  • Salary Package- QAR 1600 + 300 + OT
  • Qualification Required Should have English speaking proficiency
  • Duty Hours- 8 hours of Duty + OT
  • Benefits & Allowances Free Accommodation + Free Transportation
  • Mandatory Requirements- Qatar Valid / Expired / Copy  – of Qatar License


Available Vacancies

To ensure safe travel, bus drivers must operate their vehicles with great care. They must also ensure that passengers are safe from harm from within the bus. Drug and alcohol use while on duty is strictly forbidden. It can get a bus driver fired. It can also get a bus driver arrested and their CDL suspended. A driver with a suspended CDL cannot legally operate a bus.

  • Bus Driver
  • Light driver

How To Apply


Most often, individuals need a high school diploma to qualify for bus driver positions. A college degree is rarely required. Bus drivers need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Requirements vary by state but usually include passing a written test, eye test, hearing test, and driving test. Bus drivers also need specific.

Mail Address-
Contact Number- 8848227736
Address of the Agency
Globus Travel & Tours

endorsements on their CDL licenses. All bus drivers need a passenger endorsement (P), and school bus drivers also need a school bus endorsement (S). These endorsements usually require additional testing.
Training: Bus drivers are usually required to complete training that includes driving practice and time in a classroom. 

Once they're ready to make trips with passengers, they may be accompanied by more experienced drivers. This training period can last anywhere from one to three months depending on the employer.

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