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Using Transparent Widget you can create Fully Transparent Widget to make a blank screen on launches like Google Launcher, Trebuchet etc.Search no more - the most customizable multitasking sidebar on google market is here!
Panels is a launcher on the edge of your screen, that provides a quick access to your favorite applications, shortcuts, contacts, widgets and the app drawer. No more scrolling through launcher pages, contacts and settings, simply swipe the edge screen. Boost your multitasking and increase productivity!

Optionally You can assign the following actions on double tap Lock Screen (This requires Device Administrator permission for locking the phone.) Open Any appToggle Flash (Requires camera permission) Many custom launchers (including Google Now) don't allow an empty page when there are more than one page on the home screen. This results in widgets blocking the view of your beautiful wallpaper.

With Transparent Widget you can view your beautiful wallpaper and add multiple pages to your home screen. Transparent Widget is lightweight and installs in seconds. Transparent Widget is easy to use. Step 1: First, touch and hold an open space on your home screen. You’ll see an option at the bottom of the screen to view the widgets drawer. (May vary for different launchers) Step 2: Touch and hold the Transparent Widget and drag it to any open space on one of your home screens.

Transparent Calendar Widget lets you see your calendar events on the home screen without opaque backgrounds that block your beautiful wallpaper. The coloured indicators on each row tell you what calendar the event comes from. It currently has the following configuration options: Select which calendars to be used when showing events in the widget Select colours for each calendar ( that shows up on the left of the row)

Download App: On Android 4.2 - 4.4 it's also possible to add the widget to your lock screen. (On 5.0 and later Google removed this functionality from Android)This is a simple photo widget that finds photos in your pictures list. This app does not support png transparency, but it can change the whole pictures transparency, clearness, alpha value to the desired amount.

Blank Icon is a completely transparent app icon for home screen customization and testing purposes. Blank Icon also includes Blank Widgets that can be used to customize the home screen. Blank Icon now comes with a blank icon pack! Use our transparent icon pack to make all your app icons transparent. The clear icon pack works with most launchers and themes. Check out these amazing features!

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