Al Maniya Group Recruitment 2021- Apply Now

 Al Maniya Group Recruitment 2021- Apply Now

We are seeking a convincing and enthusiastic van salesman to promote and sell our products at customer locations. In this role, you will drive a van on an established route, identify new sales leads in the area, and provide services to our regular customers. Your duties will also include keeping sales records and ensuring proper maintenance of the company vehicle.

To ensure success as a van salesman, you should possess a clean driving record and demonstrate an excellent track record as a salesperson in a related industry. Ultimately, a first-class van salesman becomes a well-known and trusted representative of the company and its products.

Available Vacancies

Al Maniya real estate group helps you to accomplish the dream of acquiring an affordable property from your economic range. Especially we care about the middle sector of the population who do aspire a lot to own something from their savings.

  • Driver

How To Apply

Al Maniya real estate group is an entrepreneurial real estate investment as well as development firm with a broad spectrum of industrial experience, which Includes leasing, management, maintenance, construction and architecture and design services.

Contact: 0563310142

l Maniya group has that belief; the basement of our firm is the human resource (H.R) everything may remain futile like sand grains unless visions incorporate into realities. A committed team of dedicated employees is ultimately required for this need. HR policy is the best in Al Maniya group so that the best collection of enthusiastic ones joins the crew.


 We focus on nurturing innate talents identifying performers, providing grooming for rising skilled professional decency to induce greater responsibilities.


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